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Drum Workshops


Service Providers I work with

  • Drum and Percussion workshops perfect for retirement, dementia care and nursing homes.

  • Fostering positive communication, interaction and expression using the power of rhythm.

The session works like a drum circle, where participants are encouraged to:

  • Learn and play along to African rhythms using a broad range of drums and percussion instruments from around the world.

  • Join in playing rhythmic games designed to improve hand-eye coordination, promote blood flow in the hands and fingers and create a sense of fun

  • Clap, drum and sing along to some classic songs played on the acoustic guitar, a perfect way to take a breather between rhythms.

Group drumming has the following proven benefits:

Improves concentration.


Improves the aerobic and cardiovascular systems.

Reduces stress and anxiety.

Boosts the immune system.

Induces synchronous brain activity.

Helps us connect with ourselves and others.

It's fun!

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